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I'm currently looking to virtualize an Ubuntu install and Windows 7, and I was wondering which piece of software would give the best performance. Would VMware Fusion or Parallels give better graphics and overall system performance for a Macbook? Thanks!

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Well both are good at their own place. You got to decide for yourself according to the one that better suits you. Parallels were first to come in the virtualization software while VMware is new but is believed to have more number of users than Parallels. VMware is good as it supports more than parallels thus making it flexible. About my personal experience, I would like to suggest you to use VMware than using Parallels as it is far more better than parallels in terms of performance. Whether you see the performance or the offers that VMware provides, I am sure that you would be  choosing VMware as I did for my case.

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I will recommend you VMware Fusion due to its capability to turning physical partition into virtual partition but it is not available in Parallel. But both has their own value with their own functions,

And I also capable to switch with Mac To Xp with a better performance.