Where to find material to learn basic computer concepts

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I want to learn more about basic computer concepts as I am new to this technology. I am still having problems understanding the principles behind bits, bytes, processing speeds, modems, internet and many others. What is the easiest way to understand everything and what is the best material to read? Where can I find these materials?

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Where to find material to learn basic computer concepts


To understand better about computers, it would be best to take a computer course. This will explain you the basic terminology of how computer works, bits, bytes and other computer hardware components.

There are websites that will explain how computer works. These websites will let you explore how things works and it'll categorized each components. You can click on each category that you will going to study, bits, bytes.

TechyV.com has almost everything in terms of Information Technology, computer, software and hardware. There's howstuffworks.com is one of the best website that explain how stuff works. There's wikipedia.org almost have everything, it'll explain computer terminology in details.

You'll need to visit the website and you'll need to search the stuff you want to study about computer. It'll display and explain how computer works, images are well displayed and materials are almost available for real.

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