Where to find the latest threats on computers?

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I've been looking for a genuine website where I can get up to date information on the latest threats on computers. I don't want to see the actual threats but some sort of report about it like what others are experiencing.

They say prevention is better than cure. So it would be very helpful if I am able to find what's new and how to avoid those threats. Right now, I am using this link. Please let me know if you have something better than the link I have provided. Your suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

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Where to find the latest threats on computers?


First, I must say that watching reports of the latest virus threats would be pretty tiresome. This is because you have to visit the site every day, or you have to refresh the browser every now and then.

After reading your problem, I would say the best thing to do to make your life easier is to install a virus scanner or an Antivirus.
Each Antivirus software has a virus definition that is being updated always. And this is done automatically.
But then, if you really want to keep on looking at the web pages of the latest threats, you can find some in the following sites:
There are enumerates virus threats on some sites.
You just have to click on the sorting column to make the updated threat to be displayed at the top.
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Where to find the latest threats on computers?



Hi Kevin,

Keeping up to date with latest virus information is very important to protect your PC from unexpected damage. That's why it’s a nice idea to keep up to date with latest virus,their attacking style in PC, possible damages and most importantly to know the way that how to remove it.

I found that the website you have mentioned is not enough for what you asking for. For that I have got the best website for you where you will get virus name,virus type,origin,how its seems and finally the solution of how to remove .

Name of the website is:  http://www.zimbio.com/

Besides this you can use another website too if you wish.But do not forget to keep your anti-virus up to date.




I think it will help you so much.


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