When will Windows 8 be available?

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I heard that Microsoft already presented the Windows 8 user interface. I'm very curious how is it going to be different from Windows 7. When it launched, another for Microsoft and another for the apps that will be compatible with this OS.

Windows 7 is already a faster OS and how much more the Windows 8. Not sure if the IT people will like this because the way they change their operating system would be a lot of work for them.

If anyone knows when it is going to be available for the users please let me know.


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When will Windows 8 be available?


Windows 8 is the next sensation of Microsoft Windows next to Windows 7 than will conquer users of desktops, laptops, netbooks, and other media center personal computers. They say that Windows 8 is somewhat a combination of Windows 7 + Xbox 360 + MS Office and Windows Phone 7. The new interface of Microsoft Windows 8 is up to the next level, the traditional start menu was replaced by “Start screen” which listed the actual name of the programs/applications. You can easily return to the old desktop by selecting the desktop application. On the Start screen you will see different types of applications like Windows Store, user’s Personal Page, Windows live accounts and the weather application. Its screen resolution is best displayed on a 16:9 or a 1366×768 to be able to run two applications on Windows 8.

Windows 8 can be used with a touch screen interface although it can also support if you are using a personal computer that has a mouse and keyboard. So, instead of clicking it is more on sliding features that you will enjoy using your finger. You will just slide your fingers through the tiles to navigate each program because programs are listed as tiles and you can open these programs by just gently touching it with your finger, you can open a program even if you will not touch most of the tile unlike the using the mouse you will need a precise click in order to open a certain program or application.

Windows 8 now uses applications that are JavaScript and HTML based aside from the common Windows Applications similar to the mobile application. You will not be able to use internet 8 or 9 because the new Internet Explorer 10 will take place the navigation experience in browsing the web. The CPU and Memory usage will be more efficient to be able to run it without having any trouble.

On Windows 8 there will be no more BSOD or blue screen of death, it will disappear with the new operating system of windows that commonly found from older operating systems even in Windows 7. But it doesn’t mean that your computer will not experience any errors both software and hardware that causes your computer to display those errors. The blue screen is just replaced with a black screen message. A more stylish way of displaying errors =p

The hardware requirement is just similar to the hardware requirements of Windows 7 or less.

Microsoft Windows 8 will be available in the year 2012 according to the Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, but lately they’ve called it a misstatement. There are also some leaks about the windows 8 product cycle chart that will let the expert predict the release date of the newest version of Windows Operating System. Bases on the cycle chart it is most likely that a Beta version of Windows 8 will be out next year in the first month. Microsoft is just denying all the statements because it will greatly affect the Windows 7 sales.

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When will Windows 8 be available?


IT professionals are always working to present the best solutions for any type of problems humans face in their daily lives and that is the reason they present the most efficient way to work around any environment.

Windows 8 will be launched in 2012 as it is a new year launch and a new year version. I think it will be most likely window 7 and also with some additional features.

As new versions are always available for good performance and they are enhanced with time so we can say that the next coming window will be better to use and will provide the better interface as well as improvement in all of windows components.

But to have a look at that window you have to wait for 2012 and the date it will release.

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