When should I consider responsive web design for my website?

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What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)? Why do we need to incorporate RWD in planning for our websites. What are the components of RWD? In what circumstances should one plan to implement RWD for a website? What are the things to consider before going for this approach? Please share some tips regarding the implementation of the RWD approach for a website.


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When should I consider responsive web design for my website?


RWD or Responsive Web Design or simply Responsive Design is a jump forward in the web design industry that influences both developing and designing for the web. The main reason why Responsive Web Design is created is the steadily increasing popularity of smart devices like tablets, Smartphones, and others. This trend created a great demand for websites that can be viewed on smaller displays.

Responsive Design is very different from mobile design. Mobile design involves making a completely new website where the contents are specifically designed for mobile experience. In Responsive Design, it is basically the same website, the same domain you view on your PC, the same content that is only manipulated by JavaScript and or CSS3 which reacts to different viewports to give the user the best experience for every device.

With Responsive Design, it is the same web page you access on your computer. For example, when you access a website with Responsive Design on your Smartphone or tablet that you normally access on your PC, the website responds to the size of your Smartphone’s viewport and will resize the page according to your screen size.

The Responsive Design is actually not mobile friendly because you are still loading the actual size of the website on your phone which is the same size as when you open it on your PC. For users with slow connections, this will be a big problem. But Responsive Design is still a good way of adapting how a website should look on your smart devices.

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When should I consider responsive web design for my website?


Responsive Web design (RWD):

A responsive website auto align itself according to the resolution of device/window.

We should use incorporate RWD because there are lot of devices such as Ipad, Tablets and mobile so it will be attractive if a website is responsive for every type of resolution.

Components of RWD are:

• Flexible grid

• Flexible images

• Media queries

When we have a website which targets every type of users, like IPad, tablet and mobile users.

Things we should consider and approach for a RWD website:

Selection of images should be perfect, resolution should be perfect.

Selection of content should be brief and self-explanatory.

Theme should be simple, not with lot of graphics.

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