When I entered the CL-1, the host freezes and collides.

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When I entered the CL-1, I found the following error message. If I click any button on it, the host freezes and collides, go back to the windows desktop.

Whenever I tried to load it I got this error


Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library       Assertion failed!                                         

Program: …                                                  

File: ……wdljson.c                                    

Line: 320                                                      

Expression: (*value) ! = NULL                     

For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts      (Press Retry to debug the application – JIT must be enabled)

Need to solve it. Please help. Thanks a lot.

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When I entered the CL-1, the host freezes and collides.


Hi Jersey,

That error is caused by an ASSERT() macro called inside the program. Once the value pass to it evaluates to zero (0), the program halts and that ugly dialog box will pop up giving you options on what to do. If you have the source code for that program then lucky you are. You can go through the source files and search for "ASSERT". Maybe you can comment it out for a while and recompile then copy the executable to the directory where it is installed. If you just bought that software then I think you need to contact the vendor for assistance.


I hope it helped.

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