Compatibility error with Visual Studio 6

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I tried to install Visual Studio 6 on a Vista OS PC which I really need to do so, but I got this compatibility error message.

I have searched the web but can’t find any answers. Is there a possible workaround for this situation? 

Please help. Thanks in advance.

See below error message:


Program Compatibility Assistant
This program has known compatibility issues
Check online to see if solutions are available from the Microsoft website. If solutions are found, Windows
will automatically display a website that lists steps you can take.
Program: Visual C++
Publisher: Microsoft
Location: D:SETUP.EXE
Visual C++ has a knows compatibility issue with this version of Windows.
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Compatibility error with Visual Studio 6


There are some programs in the Vista Operating System that will just not let you install some instance of the Microsoft Visual Basic. Below are the steps that you can do to solve your problem:

Solution 1:

Search the internet on how to install a Virtual Machine Software or what you called the VMware. You can then install another operating system on it without changing your operating system. By using this you can run windows XP on vista. Then just install the Visual Basic in that VMware.

Solution 2:

You can try upgrading your operating system to Windows 7 because it is also compatible to install the Microsoft Visual Basic software in that operating system. It is like a combination of XP and Vista that is why it is possible to do install the software here. To upgrade, you need a Windows 7 installation CD and you can directly upgrade so that you won't remove any of your files in the process.

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Compatibility error with Visual Studio 6


This issue occurs in both of Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating system.

The two operating systems doesn’t support some controls or components bundled to Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft have already announced this before.

The last support will be given by the Microsoft for Visual Studio is on Windows 7. Windows 8 will no longer support the Visual Studio 6.

You can do installation of your Visual Studio 6 by running the setup file as administrator to avoid some errors. And after this, ignore all errors encountered during the setup.

That was just like that. I am running VB6 under Windows Vista and Windows 7 right now.

It works.

Good Luck!

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