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It is reported that, very recently the assembly of California passed a bill regarding employer’s demand of passwords for the social networking site like facebook of job applicants there. The ruling party Democrats introduced this bill and it is under the consideration of the senate.

What are the points of view of the employers as well as job applicants of the state ?

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That’s a very sensitive issue in Facebook. Currently Facebook is one of the important and largest social networking website in all over the world. There have lot users who are using facebook regularly. So that is very usual thing to expect a job in Facebook as the basis of applicant’s skills.

But facebook chief privacy officer Erin Egan already warned to share personal or log in details for get a job. You can do it up to your own risk and that is the violation of social networking site rules too. So you should think more about the regarding issues.

Facebook authority never promotes you to share your personal information or log in details.