What is VPN and how to use it?

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Hi friends,

I have a friend who plans to hire a Virtual Assistant. She wants to share her business related data and the accounting software that she uses, with the perspective employee. But she doesn’t want to do it over the internet, where the security of her data is at risk.

Aside from Team viewer, another friend suggested the use of VPN or virtual private network, but we do not have any idea about how to establish and how to use VPN.

Can somebody give basic information about this?  We will highly appreciate any help that you may extend to us.


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What is VPN and how to use it?


Hi Kelly,

VPN, as what has already been explained to you, is a Virtual Private Network. Meaning, you can remotely access a server from a distant location. This communication/access between devices/networks needs to undergo a certain tunnel called VPN.

In order to do this you need to have 3 important things:

1. IP address of the server
2. Port numbers of the server (TCP and UDP ports) – this is important because some routers/modems will not allow an unknown entry to the network. And you need to open the ports so that the router/modem's firewall will not block from accessing.
3. Proxy servers – this is optional. This only applies if the server requires proxies (like office servers, school servers, etc.)

I hope this answers your question



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What is VPN and how to use it?



A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure way of connecting to a private Local Area Network at a remote location, using the Internet or any unsecured public network to transport the network data packets privately, using encryption.

This Image Explains it.


Setting Up VPN

This is the same as we set up a network connection.

Go to Windows Control Panel –> Network Connections –> Create a new connection –> Connect to the network at my workplace –> Virtual Private Network connection.

Enter the details and fill in options for desired VPN settings.

Click Finish in the end and a VPN network is created. Use like a usual network.

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What is VPN and how to use it?


VPN means Virtual Private Number.

It is a public telecommunication infrastructure like the Internet. It caters to individuals or groups. Group users provides a security access for their organization network. VPN technology is being use today, to provide secure communication than IP networks.

Companies use this method to extend their network to locate using a specialized equipment. This is also a way of communicating, through a dedicated server to a corporate network.  Example of this are Windows NT, 2000 and XP that offers VPN.

It is also a secure connection, because it has a firewall to firewall, providing access to data server.  And if you work from home you need to authenticate your access first, before they give you their access in their network.

Your computer and in-house server are encrypted.

Hope it helps 🙂

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What is VPN and how to use it?


Hello Allen,

You're friend's suggestion is good as he introduced you to VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, better than the Team Viewer as you have mentioned. VPN is a kind of network that gives secure and remote access into another commerce network.

It is transferring reliable and confidential data, that you choose to share, to people you want to share safely. Over the internet, you can share files to your friends, family, your boss, or even when you are at home securely, because the security is well-prioritized and that's between you and your people you share information with.

VPN can be established using Hamachi (aka LogMeIn). Hamachi is one of the reliable software for VPN application. Here's how to setup Hamachi on your computer:

First, go to https://www.logmein.com/pro ; then create an account and be sure your account is verified by your email to activate it. Next is, log on to your account ; click on add this computer ; download and install LogMeIn to your computer ; after the setup is finished then you are done.

Once the installation is done, go to LogMeIn website and log back into your account and click on Remote Control below, for you to access your computer to a remote location. You will then require installing the "ActiveX Control".

Once the message pops-up, just click install.

Now, your VPN is now ready to use!

In Windows, you will be required to enter your username and password; the one that you use on your home computer. Feel free to get started and you will be able to control your home computer.

I hope this will help you.. Thanks!:)

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