What is the virtual Memory?? How it helps??

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I have seen the term virtual memory is used in windows operating system. In all version of windows till i have used i have seen this virtual memory is always exists but i have never know what it is and what type of function does it executes.

At first my question is what is this virtual memory? Does it helps to run games or other programs?
If it does how ? And how can i fix the amount of virtual memory to be used? Can the system manage it if i don't choose the amount?
Is it helpful for my PC or it hampers the function of my PC? Some times i have seen a message says "low memory" is it due to low virtual memory of what?
How can i improve my PC performance using virtual memory? 0? Someone please explain those things.
I will glad if you tell me in detail.
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What is the virtual Memory?? How it helps??


Computer memory has a hierarchy that is basically defined by the size of memory and the time the processor takes to access them. The fastest memory is also the most expensive therefore a way to have memory at relative cheaper cost came to be. The types of memory according to hierarchy are:

  • Cache memory – The fastest memory that is located between the processor and main memory. Every byte is transferred to cache where the processor first look into before it goes to main memory. The cache can be of several levels typically this are Level 1 (L1) and level 2(L2) caches.
  • Main memory – The second fastest memory to be accessed and are of two types, RAM and ROM, RAM (Random Access Memory) is known as volatile since it loses information once data is gone, memory can be read into or written into. Examples include DDR2, DDR3 and SDRAM. ROM (Read Only Memory), memory that doesn’t lose info once power is gone, this is where the BOOTSTRAPPER is located, and that is the program that loads the Operating System.
  • Secondary memory-Memory that store information that is not needed to perform operations on and also stores processed information. Data from here is first transferred to main memory for processor to access it. Examples include hard disk, DVDS,CD and Flash drives.

Virtual memory is memory that is user created where a part of the Secondary memory (hard disk) is hived off to be used as main memory. To increase main memory got to Control Panel, click on Systems then on the left panel click on Advanced System Settings. Choose the advanced tab option and click on performance tab, the performance tab has an option called Advanced, choose it. You can now adjust the virtual memory as you desire. Virtual memory is sometimes referred to as Page File.

After increasing virtual memory and there is no change you need to install or upgrade your RAM.

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What is the virtual Memory?? How it helps??


Hi Mallen,

I hope this may help to your problem:

  • Virtual memory is simulated RAM. When you have used up all your RAM, your computer will shift data to an empty space on the hard drive. The computer swaps data to the hard disk and back to your RAM as needed. When you increase your virtual memory you are increasing the empty space that is reserved for your RAM overflow.
  • To increase your virtual memory you just buy/increase the RAM that is compatible to your computer. Having large amount of RAM can speed up your computer and you do multi tasking to your computer.


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