What should I know about Click Through rate?

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What is a click through rate? How can I improve the CTR of a website? How is CTR calculated? Is there a formula for this? What is an impression in the context of CTR? What is an email CTR? How is it calculated? Is there an optimal CTR that I should aim to achieve?


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What should I know about Click Through rate?


Click-through-rate(CTR) is the measure of success rate of an online advertising system of a specific website in terms of ratio of clicks. Usually, the higher the CTR, the more effectively people can visits your website. The CTR is the measured by number of clicks that were made on the advertisement divided by the total number of times appeared (Impressions).

Click through rate = Click-throughs / Impressions

An email click through rate refers to the number of visitors who clicks on the links in their email and gets landed to the sender’s website. It measured in the number of clicks that your email generated. It is calculated by number of click throughs divided by the number of email messages delivered. This type of traffic mainly depends upon how relevant the content of your website to the emails generated.

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What should I know about Click Through rate?


CTR or “click-through rate” is the ratio of users who clicked on a particular link to the number of total users who viewed the page, ad, or email. In Google AdSense, it is the number of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown:

  • clicks ÷ impressions = CTR

“Impressions” are the number of times your ad appeared and viewed by users on a page. For example, if your ad received or clicked 15 times and it had1500 impressions, you will have a CTR of 1 percent (1%). CTR is generally used to gauge the success of an online advertising campaign for a specific website including the efficiency of email campaigns.

Click-through rates for advertising campaigns differ tremendously. AT&T’s very first online advertising campaign in 1994 shown on the website “HotWired” received 44 percent (44%) click-through rate. Eventually the overall rate that users click on a webpage banner ad has declined. In Google AdSense, each of your keywords and ads has their respective click-through rates.

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