The Differences Between Arpanet and Cyclades?

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In our class, my teacher discussed about the development of internet.

Cyclades was one of the predecessor systems with the greatest technical influence on the Internet.

It was generally developed to be an alternative of Arpanet.

What are the differences between Arpanet and Cyclades in terms of their layered architecture?

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The Differences Between Arpanet and Cyclades?


Arpanet was the first network in reality to run on packet switching technology. Arpanet was designed between harvard, MIT and BBN in 1970 While Cyclades was designed in France in 1972. So the years of invention were different here as you can see. Arpanet grew to what is Google 1998. 

Today what started up because of the need to retrieve, save and send information has seen Google grow into an information hub. From this the wikipedia "the online library was launched" in the year 2001.In the year 2003 VOIP was also introduced and it became a mainstream. This technology so the introduction of Facebook to college students in the year 2004 the twitter came exist followed by YouTube with it's online videos and music.

The mobile web with the introduction of the iPhone followed in 2007. So what we have today has been a development of Arpanet which switched to TCP/IP and it has developed over the years going strong with every challenge.

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