How to perform network sharing via bluetooth?

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Hey buddies,

How are you all? Friends, first of all I want to tell you frankly that I don’t know much about computer networking or computer network sharing. That is why I am in need of help from you guys. I have two computers, both Desktop and laptop. Both of them have a network card. I can make a sharing network through a networking cable easily. These cable based networks seem to be very old fashioned to me.

I want to make this with something which is totally wire less based. That’s why I have chosen Bluetooth network because both of my PCs have Bluetooth devices and both of them carries too much speed. But I don’t know the right procedure to make a Bluetooth sharing network between tow PCs. I use a external Bluetooth device on my Desktop pc and also use a fixed (internal) Bluetooth device on my laptop. So my questions are

  • Is it possible to make a network sharing connection between two PCs with Bluetooth devices?

If yes, then:-

  1. What is the right procedure to make a network sharing connection through Bluetooth?
  2. Is it possible to make this between internal and external Bluetooth devices?
  3. Is it possible to share the Internet connection with another PC through Bluetooth devices?

Friends, please help me in this topic.

Thank you.

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How to perform network sharing via bluetooth?


The Bluetooth devices uses PAN to connect through each other you can use this technique to connect through computers, how ever i will tell you hare how to set network using two Bluetooth devices, 

Go to your START menu and then CONNECT TO and choose Bluetooth network connection as shown here 

Now chick the Add.

Button and also check the option "My device is setup and ready to connect" when you go through it now go to next and it will search the other blue tooth.

So wait till it searches the other device when it finishes you will have the other device name and by selecting that device and by clicking next it will show you the next screen showing that if you want to use pas key option set it as your requirements and click next if you set pass key it will give the message to other computer also and you have to type it there also.

After the process is finished you can check you connection from the following. 

Just press ALT+ CTRL + Deland select the Networking Tab you will see your Blue tooth Connection here with the speed you are using in your Bluetooth.

And that's it.

How ever you can also set IP's for different computers, see it also.


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