How to remove optional OS from computer?

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Last week  I decided to format the whole system of my computer myself. I boot my computer from DVD ROM and followed the steps. My mistake, I choose "leave the current setting…." instead of format and complete the process. Now I have two OS in same computer which I dislike. I want to remove the previous version and keep the latest one.

How can I solve my problem?

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How to remove optional OS from computer?


There are several options for removing the alternative Operating System from the PC. While operating two windows at a time may not be an excellent choice. Therefore you should remove the alternate one. Here I will discuss the steps that would be much helpful for you –

Methodology: Initially you need to press on My Computer, and then go to Advance. After that choose ‘Start and Recovery’ and select settings. After that a notepad will be displayed, select the very last option. Generally the last parts are those which are not presently in operation, after that press on edit button on the menu toolbar and select delete option. You need to ensure that you are removing the right file.

I wish that this will be helpful.

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How to remove optional OS from computer?


You can simply remove the previous operating system files and this OS will not shown in your menu. You can make a format for this purpose or you can just delete all the OS files form your PC and next time you log in it will not shown in your list.

Suppose you have a XP previously installed and you earlier install a copy  of window 7 then you have to delete all files of XP using format drive or you can simply delete all OS files from my computer and where you install the system. Once all these files are delete then no option for selection will be shown on your list. It is simple and easy way and works fine if does not work then you can use fdisk to make it possible. It is the same thing but you need programming tools to make it possible.

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How to remove optional OS from computer?


Hi good day… you can use your latest windows system. Please try these following steps.

1.       Right click on the My Computer icon then clickAdvanced tab

2.       Go to Startup and recovery click on Settings.

3.       On the startup and recovery find “System startup” then click on“default operating system”.

4.       Select the latest Windows system that you want to use. Check the System failure boxes like “Write an event to the system log”>>”Send an administrative alert” and “Automatically restart”

5.       Click OK>>>click Apply and OK.

6.       Restart computer.

Thank you; hope its work for you.



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