What is the new addition in LCLS?

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The US Energy Department already has got a quite X-ray laser LCLS.

I heard they have modified it in a bit. What is that?

What will be with the addition?

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What is the new addition in LCLS?


Hello there,

Yes they modified the world's most powerful X-ray laser beam,the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have transformed the LCNC which stands for ( Linac Coherent Light Resource) to become more precise and accurate tool for exploring the nanoworld.In order to do that the researchers installed on its chamber a slice of diamond crystal which make it to look more like a laser and become a precise X-ray band.

This improvements focused more on the higher intensity on a much lowered band of x-ray wavelengths and most importantly it will helped them to experiment on other things which is not possible before. This new technology in terms of X-ray will improved the ability of those researchers to have more control in studying and manipulating matter at the atomic level and will show a much precise images of materials being studied upon.

It is all done by using this process called self seeding on which the diamond filters the laser beam to a single or just one X-ray color then amplified it to get the best precise and accurate images of the matters being X-ray.

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