What to do with lines on the screen

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Hello! I have a problem on the screen of my Toshiba Satellite (M70-144). It has lines coming down in a block about 3 inches wide.  Another block of lines again about 3 inches apart from the 1st one. I changed the screen resolution up to high 32 and got more lines instead. When I moved the mouse to slide up or down the page, it would leave a red trace.  Any fix for this?

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What to do with lines on the screen


Getting lines on LCD of your Toshiba Laptop, The problem is of hardware concern and you have to get it checked by some hardware professional or if the laptop is in warranty then you should claim your warranty to Toshiba. Some of the reasons of your problem are given below

1- Lines Display could be due to missing of some signals from the computer controller Integrated Circuit (IC) ( that deals with your Display ) to the IC that drives your LCD display, Your computer sends signals to LCD for display and this communication is through IC's known as integrated circuits. So missing of some of these Signals can cause these lines to display.

2- The reason could be that your LCD is defective or have these line in it. As some spotted LCD's have. In this case the LCD need repair or in some cases it is repairless. So may be your is the case of defective LCD.

3- May be it is a problem of a Tape Carrier Package (TCP), Tape Carrier Package creates problem in LCD when having a dry contact.


The single Solution to check what is the problem with your LCD is that Firstly arrange some external monitor and then make it attached with your laptop and after getting it attached make the external monitor  your primary display device and check the display whether you are still getting lines in the display or not. if You are getting the Lines then the problem is from first two sections either the defective LCD or the missing signals, You will need to get your IC replaced.

If now you are not getting line in the display then The problem is in the TCP.

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What to do with lines on the screen



Probable Problem

  1. Your laptop AGP going to weak.
  2. Some hardware can be losing connection.
  3. Ply back  lose cable connection with monitor
  4. Integrated Circuit loses connection with your display.
  5. Due to dry tape carrier package can made problem


Probable Solution:

  1. You can check AGP by exchanging. But for it you have to go an expertise.
  2. If any hardware have lose connection, firstly pickup it then again tightly replace it
  3. If ply back concern problem, you should go an electrician for checking out
  4. (IC) Integrated Circuit loses problem is very critical problem. So, you must to change it.
  5. Dry out tape carrier package


You can try to solve problem one step by one step. For example try to replace AGP or hardware tight connection etc. Your problem is among number 1 to 5.


If you think it’s difficult by yourself to replace or change device. So, no need to try, you must to go an expertise.

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