What is the difference between nvidia 560 m and nvidia 560 ti?

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Everyone knows about NVIDIA because it is very popular.

All programmers know well about it. I have NVIDIA 560 m and now thinking about NVIDIA 560 ti.

 What is the difference between NVIDIA 560 m and NVIDIA 560 ti?

For setup new one I need different configuration. Is that video Card work better than the previous generation?


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What is the difference between nvidia 560 m and nvidia 560 ti?


Well, ‘Ti versions have a lots of CORES. CORES are actual processors that works independently. They are he units that distinguish and execute instructions of a program,. In order for the processor to know what to do, these data have the instructions. While the other versions have lesser CORES. ‘Ti also have an awesome over clocking cards, but you can always increase the clock speed though, it’s the shaders you can’t add. SHADERS are sets of instructions in a software, used basically to calculate the RENDERING (a process where an image is being generated from a model) effects on the hardware of a graphics where the flexibility is at the utmost degree.


While the ‘m versions have lesser CORES and SHARES.

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