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I was wondering what is the difference between Anti- virus and Antivirus spyware? Do you have the same components with each virus protection program or do I need to download two different components?

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This is my answer to your question. I hope I have given you the right answer.

The difference between anti - virus and anti - spyware is that anti - virus software protects against specific malicious viruses that are meant to harm your computer, While anti - spyware software protects against programs with commercial and advertisements that are malicious and it can also destroy or harm your computer.

For best results, install both anti - virus and anti - spyware software to ensure the protection of your computer.

Teodora Skil

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Hi, You will have to download two different components to protect your PC. An antivirus program can be installed to protect your computer system from this type of malicious code. This scan hard disk drives for viruses, worms and Trojan horses and removes, fixes or isolates any threats. Most antivirus programs have a feature that allows you to be aware of the any new update which that can help the program locate any old\ new threats found and how it will be dealt with as well as check for new viruses, on the other hand, anti-spyware is a type of computer software that is aiding  in detecting and removing malicious or threatening programs from a computer. 
Sometimes referred to as malware, it detects when information is sent to a  third party using your PC, it attempts to block it before the malicious program has a chance to lodge itself in the root directory, or another area, on the computer. 

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Hi Lucky,

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