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I usually have this error disturbing me, while I am surfing the Internet. Actually I have my office with 10 computers linked through a network.

The error message appears near the clock, says, "you have an IP conflict with another computer."

How to solve this problem and what will be the consequences if I left it unsolved?

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This happens when another system on the network has the same IP address as your computer. You can solve it by changing your static IP address or you can simply convert your IP addresses to DHCP within your network.

For static IP address, the address of your machine will be something like what you need to do is to change the last octet to any other value, e.g. Just make sure the other machine IP is not the same. Or convert your IP settings to DHCP where every machine is assigned an IP dynamically and this issue does not arise.

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Hi Mamoon Salim,

I have a better idea, you better read and follow these steps I give you. Hope this will fix your problem with regards to your networking. 

1st step - Open your start menu, left click run command, then type 'cmd' and press enter. Inside the command prompt type (ipconfig /all) see your local Ethernet address IPvp4. You can see your IP address there.

2nd step - Configure your IP address. Open your local area connection, then click properties, then open the properties of the Internet protocol TCP/IP iPvp4 or TCP/IP. Then click the use the following IP address, then type the IP address of your computer from the command prompt.

3rd step - Do the 1st step and 2nd step on all 10 computers linked through a network.

Good luck!