How to configure Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 Gateway

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Hi folks,

I installed Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 FP3 and later wanted to Check Point VPN-1 Firewall-1, to allow remote VPN client to access the protected resources behind the firewall.

The initial stages went on smoothly as I was able create network objects, configured user for remote access, configured the firewall object. But the problem arose when I tried to create a certificate. After clicking the Certificates tab, the certificate state reads, "there is no certificate for this object”. So I clicked on generate and then the save button, which gave me the error;

“VPN-1 Secure Client

            Internal CA cannot find the reference number in its database.

            Enter your reference number and try again.

            If this error occurs again, make sure your authorization code has not expired. (Error no. -117).”

What does this mean? Yet it’s a new installation and not a renewal. Please suggest.


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How to configure Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 Gateway



Try this process that may help you, in your problem.

  1. First Log on to SMARTDASHBOARD FB3. From the menu add a default drop rule.
  2. Next, from the tree of SmartDash Board please click, NETWORK OBJECT AND CREATE NEW NETWORK.
  3. Then, back to menu of smartdashboard to configure a user for a remote access and click USERS, to go in Users Properties window
  4. Go to General Tab to enter your name.
  5. After that click Authentication tab,
  6. From the users properties window look for Encryption tab and click Edit.
  7. From Encryption tab select Defined below.
  8. From that click Certificates Tab in user properties.
  9. Now click on generate and save. 

To understand better and to help you in your problem, check out this site.

I hope you will find an answer.

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