What is Community Script and Benefits a user can get from it?

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Hi, I really do not understand what community script is. Is community script a software?  Or is the community script  a social network like facebook and twitter? If it is a software or computer program, what is it for?

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What is Community Script and Benefits a user can get from it?


Hello Ceejay2008,

If you want to understand the community scripts you have to first know what scripts are. Scripts are a set of instructions which define the behavior of a website in response to the clicks by the user.

For example if a user clicks a certain area of a website then a script can manage to play animation in that area or send the user’s request to the administrator of the website. Scripts make websites user friendly and flexible by smoothing their tasks.

Now let’s get to the point of what community script is. A community script is one that is used to build different functions of social networking websites. For instance, chat, friends, posts, status etc. functions are created by different scripts. These scripts are more like programming languages that have instructions to perform specific jobs. So the community scripts are tools for implementing different services in the social networking websites. These are often used for desktop software also but only to make an interaction between websites and the software. As an example I can name the Facebook Chat Application.

You can check this site https://isocialuk.com to find out about iSocial that uses community scripts to build social networking websites.

Hope that you have got your answer. Have a nice day!

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