What is the best method to organize path?

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Don't know what is the maximum size I should give in my data-type. I’m using a database which doesn’t have a kind of text data like MYSQL do, so most likely I have to use Varchar with a size. What is the best method to organize path? Like C:/Admin/Users/…

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What is the best method to organize path?


One loom is to amass the main patch in a directory with the similar name, and also maybe a max patch icon, and store the poly~ patch and eventually audio in there, so when organizing/optimizing later, I know everything is in place.

Or I can just have one big folder, somewhere that is included in the search path, with all sorts of polys. I don’t like that idea.

There are a few dozen ways of refunding samples from within
different max patches.

The "normal" way is to use unique names for all samples (as
well as for all picture files, sub patches, is …) in order
to have them working later/forever/on other computers just
by keeping/copying the main project folder.

You could, for example use


And as long as: patches: remains in your search path, this
will work forever, even when you move files around in other

Otherwise I am not fully getting your question. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif" border=0 alt="Smile">



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