Backup and Export / Import in Oracle?

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I am using Oracle and I am new in Oracle. I want to take backup of database and also want to restore it in some other service. Also, it would be better if you can please tell me what are the export and import features in Oracle?

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Backup and Export / Import in Oracle?


Hi Nadeemrao,

Here I am showing you the process of taking backup of your SQL server-

1) Connect to the server, go to object explorer & click on the server that you want to backup.
2) Click on the database to expand & depending on your database select user or system database.
3) After that right click on the database & go to TASK & then select BACK UP.
4) There you will found a database box ,there you have to verify your database name & you can migrate if you want to select any other database.
5) You have to select any of the recovery model either FULL or SIMPLE or BULK_LOGGED.

I will suggest you to do FULL backup. Hope this will help you to solve your problems.

Thank you.

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Backup and Export / Import in Oracle?


Export, Import are complementary utilities which allow you to write data in an ORACLE-binary format from the database into operating system files and to read data back from those operating system files. EXPORT, IMPORT is used for the following tasks:

  •     backup ORACLE data in operating system files
  •     restore tables that where dropped
  •     save space or reduce fragmentation in the database
  •     move data from one owner to another

Because of the special binary format, files which had been created by the EXPORT utility can only be read by IMPORT. Both tools are only used to maintain ORACLE database objects.
To load data from other systems into the database you have to use SQL*LOADER or other programs. To store data from database into readable operating system files you may use e.g. REPORTS, SQLPLUS.

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