What is the best level of RAID in checking disk data error?

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I would like to know which level of RAID uses the same harming encoding method in checking the correctness of disk data error correcting memory (ECC)? If I am going to choose level 2 does it serves the purpose? If yes, why and if not, please give me some ideas on how to choose it? Thank you so much.

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What is the best level of RAID in checking disk data error?



I can give you all Levels of RAID with simple meaning.

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)

Different RAID levels

RAID 0: Striped set without parity

RAID 1: Mirrored set without parity

RAID 2: Hamming Code ECC.

RAID 3: Striped set with dedicated parity.

RAID 4: Identical to RAID 3 but does block-level striping

RAID 5: Striped set with distributed parity

RAID 6: Striped set with dual distributed parity.

As you can see the RAID 2 is the only RAID thus not uses the standard techniques of Mirroring, Stripping and parity, it is uses bit level striping and hamming code parity invented by Richard Hamming, but it is not used in modern systems today, the disadvantage of this RAID are no commercial implementations exist and not commercially viable.

I recommend some reliable RAID like RAID 10 in my experience it provides optimization for fault tolerance and faster data reads and writes and do not need to manage parity therefore never encounters a circumstance where data underneath a head is of no use.

Thank you.

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