What is the best Antivirus Software? now

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I am looking for an ideal antivirus software but I'm not quite sure which one is the best.

And what factors should I consider on choosing the best for my PC.

Does anyone has an idea?

Please share it with me.


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What is the best Antivirus Software? now



An ideal anti-virus software has following features.

1. All existing viruses shall be removed;
2. Could run under any OS e.g. Windows server, XP/2000/NT etc.;
3. Shall stop further viruses to invade the system;
4. All existing Trojan horses, spyware shall be removed and proactively prevent further invading;
5. All adware shall be removed and prevent further adware from invading;
6. All popup ads shall be prevented’
7. Most important, it shall be priced reasonably and FREE ideally.
Hope this could help.
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What is the best Antivirus Software? now


There is a huge number of antivirus software. An antivirus Software can protect your computer from Intruders or attacking many bad effects.  

avast!Appears attractive high-quality, it’s a pleasant part of software designed for residence users, for people who use their computer for non-profit (although this doesn’t actually discontinue you). One thing that is rather maddening is that you must register online, stay for your key (which can take up to 24 hours), then you can download and install the software. Not actually idyllic if you wish for to install it on a client’s home PC. That aside, if you’re installing it on your own PC it’s a pleasant explanation.

I’ve been using avast! For a dumpy time at the present and up-on install it located an ircbot in my windows information bank that I wasn’t conscious of and removed it. It really Fantastic. The innovative design of the submission is a enjoyment to work with due to its effortlessness. A very nice all round explanation.

Another feature I like about avast! Is that it talks to you and tells you if you have a virus.


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What is the best Antivirus Software? now


If your computer (e.g. RAM, processor etc) is pushed to the limit, or too many programs are running at same time i.e. multi-tasking, the problem will appear easily. And Firefox always tries to use more RAM like a memory hog.

Therefore, to prevent the problem happens again, here are some options.
1. Add some RAMs (RAM is very cheap while a new computer is expensive). 
2. Shall try to un-install add-ons which are unnecessary.
3. Scan the system/hard disk/computer to note whether there is a virus. (Try AVG Free/ Avast! Because both are free).
4. Some dusts or insects fall or fly out to the bottom of the computer case. 
So clean.
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What is the best Antivirus Software? now


The antivirus software's evolved a lot, and now it's very hard for us to chose.       

I have some few suggestions:   
FREE AntiViruses:      
  • Avast! Free antivirus. By far the best free antivirus, because of low-RAM usage, powerful virtual engine, and various features like: Sandbox, Remote Assistance, Site blocking, and a easy-use interface.   
  • AVG Free Antivirus   
  • ​Bitdefender Free Edition      
  • Symantec: Norton Free antivirus   
These are some of the best free antiviruse's, of year 2012.   
FULL AntiViruses:   
Bitdefender Total Edition.  Antivirus of the year 2012.   
Norton 360 Edition   
Eset NOD 32   
Avast Internet Security   
All of the above are reported as being "peoples choice" in 2012, because of their great number of users.

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