What are the reasons behind start up problems??

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I have some experience of some start up problems. Some times the system halt and appears a blue screen or may show nothing this is really frustrating for anyone.

I also have experienced this problems but i don't know about the reason of this problems. Why those happens can any one explain it to me?

Is it possible to skip this problem and regain access to my system? Or there is some other way to solve this problem?

Please tell me about those reasons and the remedy for this Start up problem. Its very important to me as i have to face this type of problem many times and i thought that it must be due to virus attack and had to format my system.

So i need assistance to know how can i overcome this problem with out formatting the system.

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What are the reasons behind start up problems??


Hi Ron99,

There a lot of reasons why the computer won't startup. Either you're getting the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD, as they call it) or it just stays at the Windows splash screen. Anyhow, let me list some of the common reasons why this happens:
1. Faulty Hardware. Any startup problem can be cause by faulty hard drives, motherboard or other peripherals. Most common problems arise from having faulty hard disk drives, because this is where your Operating System is stored. Try to disassemble the system (at your own risk! I strongly suggest have a certified technician do the job) and unplug/replug (firmly!) all peripherals and try to boot the computer again. You can also try unplugging/repluging each peripheral, and boot after each one so that by process of elimination, you can identify which part is damage or faulty.
2. Insufficient cooling. PCs run on electricity, and overheating can freeze the whole system. Make sure that you place your unit on a well ventilated place.
3. Faulty Operating system. This usually happens when you had a problem when installing (/or reinstalling) operating systems. One way to fix it is by inserting the original OS installation cd and let it automatically copy missing /or corrupted files. Or you can just try to reinstall again and (hope!) no problems arise.
4. Software Incompatibilities. If the problem appeared after installing a particular software (games, applications, antivirus), then there's software incompatibility. The computer must meet the software's requirements (RAM, CPU speed, drivers, etc.) for it to run properly. To solve this, remove the problem software, update the computer (or upgrade it) to match the said requirements, and then reinstall. In any case you're unable to proceed to Windows to uninstall the software, you can try the ff. steps:
  • Restart the computer, while repeatedly tapping the F8 key.
  • You'll get a black screen saying "Windows Advanced Options."
  • Using the arrow keys, choose Safe Mode. Press Enter.
  • Proceed as usual.
  • Uninstall the problem software.
Note: SAFE MODE is a diagnostic mode in Windows where it only loads the basic Windows drivers for it to run. Meaning, it will disable any 3rd party software (that you have installed) and prevents it from running.
Another Note: Not all soft wares can be removed under Safe Mode. Each software manufacturer has an uninstall program in their product package that you can use to remove their product. If there is none, you might to download it on their website.
5. Virus Issues. Some viruses attack the boot sector of the hard drive, causing problems while starting the computer. You might need to run an antivirus program to remove them or in worst case scenarios, you might have to reformat the computer.
Hope this info answered your questions.
C. Beltijar
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What are the reasons behind start up problems??


Most of those kinds of problems occur when the computer has been attacked by a virus. But sometimes if there are any lost connections in your hardware components this error can occur. Check your RAM port, IDE cables, etc. Also if your Processor didn’t work well, this error can be displayed.

If it is not a hardware problem check your software, because there can be hidden viruses which are not identified by any antivirus guard.

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