What are the main reason for slow PC.

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My PC is acting really slow for the past few days. I already free some space on my hard disk but it still acting so weird. I don't know what else would be the reason for its slow performance. What could be the main reason for slow PC? Please cite the details. Thanks!

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What are the main reason for slow PC.


This is very frustrating when your computer is acting really slowly. And we often unnoticed it and just realize that there is a problem when it became apparent. The possible reasons could be the following:

  1. There are too many data stored on your computer. The main reason is the excess and unwanted programs or files stored on your PC. Like when you are browsing the internet, your computer will store the information on your visited sites. Or when you install new programs that automatically launches when starting up. Even when you already deleted a file or program, there are still traces that remain on your computer resulting for slowdown.
  2. Another reason for the slowdown is the usual refusal of the system files on disarray state. When you make changes on your computer, even if you were just changing the size of the window, the changes are recorded on the system registry. And it can't be deleted automatically. So, it will increase the registry size and filled it with various outdated entries. Also, writing on your hard drive will make your files scattered or also known as the fragmentation. The hard drive can record info's that when one is deleted, it will leave a gap. Leaving a large quantity of gaps and slows down your system.
  3. Overreaching is another reason of slowdown in your system. It is a process of utilizing an old and outdated system to run new and latest software.
  4. Virus, spyware and malware are also the common factors that make your computer becomes slow. Once your computer is affected with one of these, it will result to your computer to become slow.

These are far some of the major reasons why you are experiencing slowdown on your computer. It is always recommended to run a defragmentation on regular basis, update your computer system as well as your RAM and hard disk spaces, scan your computer for possible viruses, spyware and malware. Run a registry cleaner software and always delete unwanted and unnecessary programs.

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