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What are the latest VSTS 2012 features that we can look forward to? Does it support TFS 2012 Server?

Can I import my VSTS 2010 Settings?

I have installed one and setup it with C# and found some errors like importing old settings.

I tried resetting it but to no avail.

Are these latest VSTS 2012 features supports Agile/Scrum in Web UI?

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You are asking some opinion about your TFS 2012. It has many features are available to users using TFS 2008 or 2010, there are few features that are only accessible when using a TFS 2012 server. 

Furthermore, the web experience in TFS 2012 server has been rebuilt entirely from the ground up and the result is a fast, fluid experience that also includes new experiences tailored to Scrum.

I can link you to a site where Visual Studio 2012 has been discussed or to blog about using the feature of this Visual Studio.

Hope this site can help you about your query.

Click the link to read discussion:

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