Photoshop contents do not allow to set ppi

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Hi all,
I am configuring a new file in Photoshop elements 6, size A4. Each time I approach to set the document's size to 300 ppi,

I receive an error message saying:

"A number between 1000 and 256.565 is required.

The closest value inserted."

It then inserts 256.565. The file definitely assumes too large.

Whenever I want to do anything with the file, the computer crashes or I receive the error message: Move command could not be completed as the file is too large.

I have tested to resize the image or creating a new file, but Photoshop contents do not allow me to set ppi at 300.

I always receive the above error message.

Can someone help me?

Thanks for help.

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Photoshop contents do not allow to set ppi


Yes, it is true, the file is too big. I’ve also tried the dimensions you set in Adobe Photoshop 7 and the result is just the same. The error message “A number between 1.000 and 256.565 is required.

Closest value inserted.” will appear next. The reason is that you set the Document Size of the image in cm and the value was set to 210 for the width and 297 for the height. And you are planning to set its Resolution to 300, it will really never work.

Like here, I have an image that has 525 x 396 pixels that is set in 72 pixels/inch resolution. If I will be setting its resolution to 300 pixels/inch, it will now have a new dimension of 2188 x 1650 pixels. Its size increased by 416%.

That’s way too big. You can only fix this problem if you’ll going to lower its dimension. Your expected dimension is too unrealistic and will really crash the application.

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