What are the differences between Windows to linux?

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Hello experts,

What are the differences between windows to Linux? To all who experienced the Linux operating system and windows operating system can you give me the difference and their advantages and features? I would like to ask you first before getting a licensed operating system for my computer.

Thank you.

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What are the differences between Windows to linux?


Hello James,

You are trying to buy an operating system for your computer so let me help you by drawing a comparison between Linux and Windows. Here You will find the features of both the systems in the form of a comparison.

1. The licensed copy of Linux can be downloaded free or bought very cheaply compared to windows. Windows licensed copy should cost you 50 to 150 USD.

2. Regarding easiness of use, Linux is easy to use operating system BUT Microsoft has advanced greatly and it is easier than Linux in using, specially recommended for New PC users.

3. Linux variants (majority of them) are reliable notoriously and can go on for months without having to be rebooted. Windows Cannot match the reliability of Linux even after improving last few versions.

4. Linux has a large variety when it comes to software but there are so many windows OS users that windows has larger variety of software which are compatible with it than Linux.

5. Linux has most of its software and games as freeware or in open source but Windows software can cost you 20-200$. But Windows has some free software or games available. Still less than Linux

6. When it comes to security, Linux is more secure and less attack-prone due to viruses and other threats. Windows on the other hand is still suffering (even after improving so much) due to security issues.

7. In case of support Linux and Windows both have their help sections and several eBook available for guidance.

These are the features and advantages/disadvantages of both the OS from my point of view. 

Have a good day. Thanks.

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