What are the basic difference between Wimax , WiFi and Gsm system???

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What is a Wimax network?
What is a WiFi network?
What is a GSM or CDMA network?

First i have to know what are those different type of networks what are the basic definition and difference between them.

I basically understand that in cell phone network mainly GSM and CDMA is used and some Mobile operators supports WiFi technology. But i have no clear idea of how it is done and what are the differences. All those network are wireless and works on signals or frequencies. But not all device supports all type of frequencies that's why mobile and modem are required.

This is my experience but I don't know how does it work. So I will be glad if someone can explain it with some examples and definitions that I will be easy to understand.

Best of luck. See you.

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What are the basic difference between Wimax , WiFi and Gsm system???


All those networks are wireless technologies and works on signals or Microwave frequency range to offer wireless access. They use different parts of the radio frequency spectrum. Wi-Fi is in an unregulated part of the spectrum and Wi-Max is in a regulated part of the spectrum.
Wi-Fi is only operable in short ranges (250m radius) and Wi-Max in long ranges (30km radius).
Wi-Fi is a wireless LAN technology and Wi-Max is a wireless WAN technology

Wi-Max (Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access)
It is a 4th generation high speed mobile access technology. Wi-Max has fixed and mobile version which can be used for applications with higher bandwidth(40Mbps). The fixed Wi-Max version is used for broadband solutions for homes. Also it can be used for back hauling remote offices or mobile stations. The Wi-Max mobile version is used as the replacement of GSM and CDMA technologies. Wi-Max is a cable broadband replacement in rural areas where copper network cannot be provided. Wi-Max can offer the triple play service of voice, video and data easily. The newest version of the Wi-Max is now equivalent to fiber network and very useful to provider access stations or remote offices. Wi-Max is mostly deployed by service providers with outdoor coverage and service for 1000 users.

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)
It’s a most common wireless technology in western countries used for Hotspots, homes and corporate internal wireless networks. Simply can say it got indoor coverage and up to 100 users service. When setting up a Wi-Fi at home, you have to make sure that you enable the security features such as Secure Wireless Encryption, MAC address filter. etc for avoid 3rd party access. Also don’t forget to change the default password of your wireless router. Wi-Fi is mostly an end user technology where users can purchase Wi-Fi devices and configure them by themselves.

GSM(Global System for Mobile Communications)
Well when you take the G technology as you said GSM 2G technology, 2nd generation digital cellular technology will allow data to be transmitted over mobile devices. End users with 2G devices connect to wireless cell sites up to 2Mbps with coverage several kilometers. The great advantage of using this technology is mobility but very slow and expensive as disadvantages.

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What are the basic difference between Wimax , WiFi and Gsm system???


Comparison Matrix


I think now you can clearly see the difference between them. Each network is used for a different purpose according to their features.

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What are the basic difference between Wimax , WiFi and Gsm system???


WIMAX  is a wireless industry for broadband wireless network which is commonly known as 4G network and WIFI  the wireless local area network and it uses access point or routers. As well aforementioned solutions also Check out this Techyv page for more information about this. 

What is the Difference between wimax and wi-fi

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