What is the Difference between wimax and wi-fi?

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From my hearing I have learnt that wimax and WiFi both are 3G networks. Some of my friends, get tremendous amusement by using wimax and some universities have free WiFi and students are using the internet without any cost, where I am using broadband with huge cost.

Can you suggest me, which one is best and why people browse internet without cost, where as I am using broadband with huge cost and what's the difference between them?

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What is the Difference between wimax and wi-fi?


WIMAX is used for broadband technology, which uses cell phone signal like 3G to hook on the internet server.

WIFI is a wireless technology, which works with WIFI access points, which run with the use of wireless routers.

They are free of using internet because their school offers it and open their WIFI to their students. Even if you are not a student of that school, as far as you are near or within the area of their WIFI coverage, you can access their WIFI for free.

WIMAX requires a paid subscription, that is why you are paying them for their service. Unlike WIFI as long as it is open and not restricted, you can connect with them for free. Why not find an open WIFI access in your area, for your free internet access.

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What is the Difference between wimax and wi-fi?



WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a wireless industry for broadband wireless network which is commonly known as 4G network. The internet access is fixed and mobile that uses microwave satellite.

Simple WIMAX diagram to know how it works.

Please see the link for your reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WiMAX
 WIFI (Wireless Fidelity) is the wireless local area network and it uses access point or routers.

Simple WIFI diagram to know how it works

Procedures to setup your own WIFI hotspot:

  1. You must have a DSL internet connection : You must have a stable internet connection, check internet for connectivity and modem if working properly.
  2. You must connect your wireless router to your DSL internet connection.
  3. Router configuration : You must read and follow carefully the procedure, to configure the access point or routers. Check Manufacturer Instruction Manual provided.
  4. Connect your computers, printers, and other devices to the wireless network: You can connect more computers, printers, and other peripheral devices that have WiFi adapters like PSP, cell phones, laptops, netbooks, etc.
  5. Share files, printers, and more

Please see the link for your reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wi-Fi


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What is the Difference between wimax and wi-fi?


Wi-Fi is only operable in short ranges (250m radius) and Wi-Max in long ranges (30km radius). Wi-Fi is a wireless LAN technology and Wi-Max is a wireless WAN technology. There is another Techyv page which is well described about this matter. Pay a visit this page and enrich your knowledge. 

What are the basic difference between Wimax , WiFi and Gsm system


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