What is all about custom wifi splash screen setup?

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Hello techyv,

What is all about custom WiFi splash screen setup? Tell me more about wireless internet connection set up because I am not aware of that, there is some related WiFi application nowadays. I hope you can explain it briefly, I need some guidance.

Expecting some help from you guys.

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What is all about custom wifi splash screen setup?


Hi Travis,

It is good that you have asked that question and I will be grateful to help you. The WiFi splash screen setup is a screen that comes up with the setting of the WiFi network, or when you are prompted or prompt the computer to set up WiFi.

Wifi Splash Screen

 PuTTy Configuration

In setting up the wireless internet connection, it is really simple, you need to have a wireless networking adapter to be able to connect to the wireless internet.

Ensure its a 802.11g card. Ensure also to have a router and contact your Internet Service Provider for internet settings. 

Connect your router to the modem which should be constantly connected to the internet to provide the wireless connection.

Internet Service Provider for internet settings

You need to ensure you set the proper proxy and network addresses such as,

Subnet mask such as

You also need to set up the WPA (WiFi Protected Access) key to ensure your internet is not prone to unauthorized access.

Your wireless internet should be working properly.

I hope this solves your query.


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