Disconnection on own wireless connection

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My Computer is receiving a signal from another wireless connection. I don’t know the password for that connection but when I try to connect to it, sometimes it connects sometimes it doesn’t. When I am surfing using my wireless connection I get certain intervals of disconnection so I have I have to reconnect again. I am wondering why this is happening, why can I connect to an unknown connection and why do I keep on disconnecting every time I use my own wireless connection? I will be very grateful for help.

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Disconnection on own wireless connection


It might be that the connection settings of both wireless connection is not configured well for your laptop and same goes for your laptop not properly set for the wireless connection. It is pretty easy to connect if you use WPA2/PSK type of encryption. It is the default laptop wireless device configuration. The unknown wireless connection, I suggest that you don't pay to much attention to this, what I want you to do is focus on your own wireless connection. Reconfigure your wireless router or access point or what is installed in your house. When you go to the encryption type choose WPA2/PSK, remember the password to be set here will all be in all CAPS and can be combined with NUMBERS only.

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Disconnection on own wireless connection


It's so strange that your computer connects to the wireless connection not known to you. Wireless connection uses encryption code either WEP or WPA to connect to a secured wireless network.

It is impossible to connect to the network not unless you do know the password or the computer has already wireless network set-up for that SSID or wireless network.

The possible issue here why it always disconnect from time to time using wireless is wireless interference.

You'll need to power cycle your modem/router to ensure the good communication between those devices. Contact your ISP and let them diagnose your Internet line, to check any intermittent connection caused by the network itself.

If that has been established and line test proved, no problem with the connection then you can go and move on to the next steps.

Go to Start, Control Panel
Select Network and Internet
Click on Network and Sharing Center
Change Adapter Settings
Right click on Wireless Connection icon
Left click on Connect/Disconnect
Highlight your wireless network or SSID
Disconnect the network and reconnect it back
Re-type your network key and click the connect button

These steps ensure modem/router/cpe communications and they should communicate properly via wireless set-up. This should fix the problem.

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