Web-based clients for jabber applet web chat

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Can anybody tell me, what are the best web-based clients for XMPP/jabber applet web chat? I want to run IM client in browser Windows/Linux, IE, Firefox.

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Web-based clients for jabber applet web chat


Following is the list of a few Web-based clients for XMPP/jabber applet web chat for browser, windows/ Linux, I.E and Firefox

For Windows Only

1.   AQQ                          

2.   Citron                        

3.   Cleartext EIM            

4.   eM Client                           

For Linux

1.   Coccinella              

2.   Emesene                

3.   Empathy                    

4.   Galaxium                            

For Browser

1.   Candy              

2.   Claros Chat     

3.   Emite               

4.   Jappix                          

To Install Claros Chat follow these steps:-       

1.   First download the Claros chat from http://www.claros.org

2.   Unzip the Claros Chat, in my case it is Claros Chat v1.0.

3.   Create a new database and name it chat or whatever name you like.

4.   In the unzipped folder there is a directory named SQL.

5.   Open it and you will see chat-mysql.sql, SQL script.

6.   Run this SQL Scripts at SQL directory from shell prompt.

7.   In the unzipped folder there is a file chat.war.

8.   Put it into the webapps directory of Apache Tomcat.

9.   Now start the tomcat.

10.        Edit the config.xml file (to change database password)

11.        Now restart tomcat and now you can access Claros chat.


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