Warning Message – no error occurred – when using Dreamweaver

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I was updating a page in Dreamweaver when I got this error or warning message. 

It was a bit confusing though.  So I went on updating but then I couldn’t save the page. 

I tried to delete several drawings but still I couldn’t save the page. 

Anyone who knows something about the problem? 

Hope you can help.

Here's the warning message:


Macromedia Dreamweaver

No error occurred.

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Warning Message – no error occurred – when using Dreamweaver


Hallo Hoelena,

That looks like a funny kind of error but it is indeed an error. The reason why the update to the Dreamweaver you are using might because you are using the wrong kind of update. If you using macromedia Dreamweaver ensure that you are getting the updating for that version of Dreamweaver and not confusing with the adobe Dreamweaver update.

Another possible reason for such kind of an error may be because the Dreamweaver application is not able to recognize the library items, so you should ensure that the library folder is in the root site, and not moved to a different location and it should be bearing the name 'library'. Just try changing the local path if it had been altered and see if that resolves the problem.


Mahesh Babu


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