Why Use Node.js As Backend

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Why is node.js usually used as the backend, and how is it different from web JavaScript? Can Node.js be used with database also? Is Node.js installation and configuration is easy? Why Node.js is so hyped in today’s world of technology.

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Why Use Node.js As Backend


js is an application runtime environment that helps you to write server-side applications in JavaScript. It is efficient, lightweight, and even scalable. You can reuse and share the code between the frontend and the backend of your applications will speed up the development process. Node.js is a server framework, and it’s free. It is usually used as a backend as it has multiple modules (NPM, Grunt, etc.) and a supportive community. It is also a simple language to learn and great for data streaming.

What makes Node.js different from JavaScript is that Node.js has different sets of API. In the browser, you have a variety of DOM/ Web API that helps you interact with UI. These API’s are suitable for backend development, e.g., HTTP request, streams, etc.

Yes, node.js can be used with the database, but it can only be used with Mongo DB which is the most popular no MySQL database.

Installation of Node.js is very manageable following are the steps:

The main reason Node.js is hyped so much in today’s world is that as it uses JavaScript as its central language to build web applications. It is described as one language for all. The other main reason it is so popular is that the node community supports NPM.

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