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Can i convert my standard LCD screen to a touch screen monitor?

If so how can i get that process done?

Thank you.

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From one way you can change your monitor to Touch Screen.

Buy 3m MicroTouch Touch Screen Sensor kit but make sure that is compatible with your model.

For a big screen like Plasma monitor to change it into Touch screen just buy a frame from Q labs. 

The installation Procedure is very simple visit here.

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There are ways on how to make your LCD monitor into a touch screen.

However, you should know some guidelines first before doing it.

First is that you must know how to dismantle your LCD screen without breaking it.

Second, you have to know the capacity of your screen. Does it have enough space behind the front bezel and room for touch screen controller underneath the LCD chassis?

If you have no idea about the type and capacity of your LCD monitor, better ask assistance from a technician or look for the manual that came with it when you bought it.

You may also check this website for helpful tips on how to install touch screen capability to your LCD.

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