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Author: Jody Akerly
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Hi All,

I have a VMware Server ESXi 4.0.0 on a Lenovo TS100.
There has been quite a lot of connectivity hiccups between vsphere client and the vsphere server.
Over the past few days host has locked up a number of times and I was forced to reboot it.
Now I can't connect using the vsphere client.
It says that "vSphere Client could not connect with the vCenter Server
Details: The server took too long to respond.(The operation has timed out)"
Has anyone experienced this issue before?

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Hello Jody,

To resolve that issue, do the following:

  • Go to the ESXi console and then press alt+F1
  • After that type: unsupported
  • And then enter the root password (No prompt - typing is blindly)
  • After that you will need to restart the management service “/sbin/ restart”.



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Check if you got the correct IP address of the server or its hostname/domain name.

If not, please rename it.

You can also try if there's a connection between your client and the server by ping the server hostname or IP address. 

Please refer to this link for more information