VMware: Cannot start the program

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We have been using VMware vSphere Essentials for quite so long already and we’ve been used to it. But all of a sudden, an error message saying that it cannot start the program popped up and VMware suddenly stopped working. We have Windows Server 2008 R2 which is running with vCenter 4.1. We have just upgraded to a new server in order to sync it to our vCenter because of the server requirements. Then recently, we installed SMTP server and as a requirement, IIS role is also installed. But I saw a huge bulk of files in the ALL USER folder after that. vCenter is acting strange and I wonder what is causing it. Do you think it might be because of our newly installed SMTP? Is there something connected to it like incompatibility? Where could I possibly find details about this problem? If you have knowledge please share it with me. I need the most of your help here.

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VMware: Cannot start the program


The problem may be arising because there is another application that is using port 80 and 443 which is usually used by the VMware, and therefore the VirtualCenter Server service is not able to start. You will need to do the following to resolve this issue:

  1. First, you will need to determine which application is using port 80 with the following command:

    -C:> netstat -anb

  2. Once you have determined which application it is, you will need to reconfigure the application to use another port, or you can choose to uninstall the application as well.
  3. Then you will need to start the VirtualCenter Server service.

You will need to note that VMware recommends that vCenter Server be installed on a dedicated server so that to avoid conflicts, or any other instability issues of the VirtualCenter Server service.

-Clair Charles


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