VMWare Machine with Ran Online source code Repack

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Hi there,

I have these error from VM Ware with Ran Online source code repack and the 7zip archive. I cannot extract anything and the archives are not corrupted or damaged. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ? Why I have these errors ?

Thanks !


Cannot open file c:usersAdministratorDownloadsCompressedRanOnlineSource

CodebyJolin88RepackbyLatnema.ka.akal-El.7z.001.7z’ as archive

Cannot open file c:usersAdministratorDownloadsCompressedRanOnlineSource


The archive is either in unknown format or damage

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VMWare Machine with Ran Online source code Repack


I’m just wondering how come both files are with different extension names though they seem to be sequential files. I guess both files are RAR files and you only renamed the first one with “.7z” maybe to possibly open it using 7-Zip but it seems it didn’t work. I also get this from time to time when opening RAR files since I am only using 7-Zip and I uninstalled WinRAR.

If you don’t have WinRAR and you get those errors after double-clicking the files, maybe you should get WinRAR installed. But first, since I think you only have 7-Zip, try opening the files using Open With or simply open the 7-Zip File Manager and open the archive from there. You should be able to open the archives using the 7-Zip File Manager.

I think you get these because you opened the files directly from the Windows Explorer by double-clicking and you didn’t use or opened the 7-Zip File Manager. In case you are using an old version, download the stable version, 7-Zip 9.20 or the 7-Zip 9.34 alpha which is the latest. If the problem continues, download WinRAR 5.10 and use it to open the archives.

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