Fan gets noisy while CPU usage is 2%

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Hi friends,

I have a problem with my computer and is very annoying:

The fan is fully Vista SP2 while the CPU is busy with 2% and it's really noisy! I first did a clean bomb dry air with the fan on the graphics card NVIDIA GT220 and the CPU fan. Under Vista, I lightened my computer by doing the cleaning with CCleaner + TuneUpUtilities 2010.

I then performed a disk check and a full defragmentation. I also disabled unnecessary services. But nothing changed.

Please help.


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Fan gets noisy while CPU usage is 2%


Answer: At first you can disconnect all cables that is connected to motherboard, please do it very carefully without any damage then check that all the cable is ok and ensure that the CPU fan is install correctly. Now all cable connect to motherboard properly then start up the computer. Lets see is your fan ok now?

After finish all the cable check then it can be other problem I think any part of your motherboard not working properly. Just try that process if not working then you will have to change battery, fans can be defected and any other problem can be rise.



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Fan gets noisy while CPU usage is 2%


I don’t think you can fix your problem with your CPU fan simply by running a registry cleaner like CCleaner, and optimizing your hard drive using a disk utility application as well as reinstalling the video card’s driver. Any of these will never fix the noisy fan. There are two reasons why your CPU fan becomes too noisy. First, is because you are running too many applications on your computer that uses most of the CPU and increasing the heat it generates. If this happens your CPU fan will surely spin a little faster to maintain the temperature of the processor.

The processor operates at minimum temperature especially during idle time. When you run a program it starts to get hotter as it utilizes more CPU for the program. The system automatically detects it and will make the fan spin at maximum speed that’s why it becomes noisy sometimes.

The second reason is because it is old and needs a replacement. It is normal for the fan to become noisy as it gets older because obviously its components become dry and rough from the inside of the blades and when it spins the rough edges creates the noise as it touches the sides.

Try first dropping a little amount of oil on the middle portion of the blades and then see if this reduces the noise it creates.

If it doesn’t then might as well replace it with a new one. You can never disassemble a CPU fan.

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