Exception occurred during launch …

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My launchpad is not working. I have downloaded the latest driver, update the operating system with latest service pack and reinstall the launchpad but when I connect the device with USB port, it shows 'unrecognized device' with following message. Have you experience such problem or have any idea on it?

Please share.


Exception occurred during launch


Failed to load program "msp430x5xxCExample.out" on target "Data Snapshot Viewer_0/MSP430".


Cannot write to target



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Exception occurred during launch …


If  you start having these problems after you updated CCS or  If not, please check the page below that covers the target configuration: Download Link

If the problems started to appear after the update, one thing that usually works for all is to delete the Debug History. For doing like this do,

– Go to menu Target –> Debug…

– Delete all Non-project Debug Session and Project Debug Session entries from the tree then,  Launch the Debug session again. If this still does not work, try to launch a debug session and then load the code manually to the target. Follow steps 1 to 4 at the page below: Download Link1

After it then load the code by going to menu Target –> Load Program… and then select the file <AM1808eXpLED_DIPTest.out>.

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