Virtual Machine – attempt to initialize the virtual machine saved state failed

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Good Day! When Trying to connect with another virtual machine to another computer on a network I got this error. 

I wasn’t able to make connections from virtual machine to virtual machine.

How can I make this one successful?

Please send me a simple step.


Virtual Machine Connection

The application encountered an error while attempting to change the state of ‘Foo’.

‘Foo’ failed to initialize.

An attempt to initialize the virtual machine saved state failed.

See details


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Virtual Machine – attempt to initialize the virtual machine saved state failed


Let me tell you the full process of setting up 2 PC with Virtual machine option:

a) Install virtual PC in both computers.

b) Go to Control panel and click windows firewall. Turn it off and click OK. Do the same for both computers. This will help you test the line/connection without any hassle. When all tests are done, turn the firewall on again.

c) The next process is to test the communication of two PC.  You have to install loopback adapter in the main / 1st PC. To do this go to control panel then device manager then ‘Add remove hardware’. Click on loopback back adapter. The parameter setting of the loopback adapters must be like the following:

                IP address or number-

                Sub net Mask number –

                Other field: Empty.

In the Guest PC, go to settings then networking. Click Adapter 1 & then Microsoft Loopback adapter. The parameter should be like this:

I :


Default getaway:

Now, it’s testing time. In the host computer, Go Start > Run> type CMD. In the CMD box, type ping If it sends and receives bytes, then all is ok. Now in guest/2nd computer’s CMD box type. Ping To check the Network adapter of both computers type “ping”.

d) After combination test is successful with the ping command, you need to share the internet connection from host /1st pc to guest /2nd PC). Do the following work:

a) Go to physical network connection of 1st PC/Host PC and right click it. Click properties then Sharing Tab. Now check the Allow Internet sharing option.  If this goes smoothly, then a folder/connection icon will be created in the network/connection folder.  In the guest PC, run internet explorer and type any internet address like

If the address is visible on the browser, then your connection is ok.  Now change the DNS settings of the 2nd PC/guest connection. Right click of network physical connection > choose properties > IPV 4 > then check the following DNS option and type the broadband modem’s IP Address. Click OK.

Now you are can fully connect 2 pc with virtual windows and you can also connect then with Internet too.


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