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I am new in Facebook and I'd like to know how to view those who like the same page as mine.

As for I like one page on Facebook and I've seen a thousands users like it too.

Please tell me is there a way to view those who also like it even though they are not in my friends list?


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Yes you can see the people who like or being a fan of the Facebook page, but with limited. We can't see all of them in once, we just can see from the Comment box and Like link.

In other words, these feature only show us the number of people who participated on. To see who were actively in that page, Click the number of fans comment, or link number of fans like. see this image:

Click on those number, and you will see people who comment/like

Now you can see all the people who like that page, even if you don't know them.

You can add them as your friend too. :)