I cannot print from internet

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Hi there,

I am having a problem with Internet explorer. When I want to print a file from the internet, I go to File > Print from a webpage. But then my computer hangs for nearly 5 minutes. It is so frustrating! I am using IE7 and I have also tried IE8 with no luck. Please help.

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I cannot print from internet


Try the following solutions one by one.

(Note: “Enter commandxyz” means type commandxyz and press the Enter key)

1. Run Internet Explorer as an Administrator, and then try printing a webpage. If this works, ask your administrator to give you proper permissions.

2. If other programs (like MS Word, Firefox) cannot also print, your printers might not be configured properly.

  • Click Start > Printers and Faxes (or Control Panel >Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers) and you will see list of printers installed in your system. First make sure that your actual printer model/series is listed.
  • Right-click it and Make it the default printer. Close Internet Explorer if it is running. Now open Internet Explorer and try printing. If you can print now, ignore the next steps.
Start > Printers and Faxes-Control Panel >Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers-set as default printer
  • If step a above is unsuccessful, then this is a generic printer error. Go through Microsoft’s website to follow these step-by-step instructions.
  • It includes instructions for some hardware check-up, the Microsoft Fix-It troubleshooter, and updates to Windows and your printer drivers. This would be too long to include here. Close Internet Explorer if it is running. Now open Internet Explorer and try printing.

3. If only Internet Explorer cannot print, try these solutions:

  • Reset the Internet Explorer. In the next command, do NOT check “Delete personal settings. ” In Internet Explorer click Tools > Internet options > Advanced tab> Reset > Reset. Again try printing.
  • Change Webpage Encoding. Open Internet Explorer. Click View > Encoding. If Auto-Select has a check, click it to clear the checkmark. Click View > Encoding > Unicode. Close Internet Explorer and then launch it again then try printing again.
  • Browser Extensions. Try disabling third-party browser extensions in Internet Explorer. Click Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > under Browsing > click to clear checkmark next to “Enable third-party browser extensions. ” Close Internet Explorer and then launch it again then try printing again.
  • Internet Explorer and Windows Compatibility. Be sure Internet Explorer is compatible with your Windows. Use 32-bit versions for Windows 32-bit editions. Use Internet Explorer 64-bit editions for 64-bit Windows. Though 32-bit programs can run under 64-bit Windows, you will encounter more problems.
  • The folder “Low” is missing in your AppDataLocalTemp, probably caused by disk cleanup deleting files in the temp Folder. Click Start then click or scroll to Programs> Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup. Scroll and uncheck “Temporary Files” from the list.
disk cleanup-temporary files

i. To recreate this missing folder, Click Start > Run and Enter %Temp% (In Windows 7, click Start > type %Temp% in Search programs. Box and then click Temp from the resulting list). Right-Click > New > Folder, Enter Low for the folder name. Close Internet Explorer if it is running. Now open Internet Explorer and try printing.

ii. If the step above doesn’t work and you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, do these steps as Administrator: Click Start > CMD in Search programs box. When Command Prompt window appears, Enter the following line:

  • ICACLS %temp%Low /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)low

Save your work and restart the computer. Now open Internet Explorer and try printing again.

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I cannot print from internet


Hi Marlon,

Please follow the below steps to resolve the printing issue.

1. Outdated printer drivers can cause problems when printing from Internet Explorer. Update your drivers to the latest version for IE7 or IE8.

2. There might be a permission issue, so try running IE as an Administrator. Close all IE windows.

Click Start, click All Programs, right-click Internet Explorer and select Run As Administrator and then try to print.

3. Disable the protected mode before printing. On Tools icon, click the Security tab and uncheck the checkbox beside Enable Protected Mode (requires restarting Internet Explorer) Click Apply, and then click OK.

4. Try to reset the low integrity level on the Low folder. In the Command Prompt window, type or copy and paste the following and press Enter.

ICACLS %temp%Low /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)low

Restart the computer and try printing again.

Hope this helps. 


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