The present Internet user protection

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In the present state of a very popular "use" or sometimes "misuse" of the Internet System throughout the world, do you think there should be some kind of an international organization to enact stricter laws and regulate it's use so as to protect it's users?

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The present Internet user protection


Howdy Jammz,

That's a pretty interesting and intriguing question. I agree that there should be more strict law to avoid internet crimes. There should be a law that all the computers or laptop should be registered in the name of the buyer/owner. This helps to detect whoever commits internet crime. And most importantly, every individual should also be responsible in everything they do in the Internet to be able to protect themselves.

They should avoid putting a lot of their information in the internet. And minors should always be accompanied or guide by guardians in using the internet. Everyone should think before they click.

This simple reminders will help everyone to protect themselves against internet crime.


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The present Internet user protection


Hello Jammaz,

Yes, I strongly agree to your suggestion that there should an international body that governs the usage of the internet, so as to reduce the prevailing fraud cases that have led some people to lose their important assets and money. People who are found engaging in  fraudulent activities should be charged or even remanded in court, just as the law applies to other rules that are broken. People who use the internet to destroy other people's image, to pass terror messages should be charged too.

But the problem will be tracing the people who commit such crimes as the ones mentioned above, because some people hide their identity when using the internet by giving fake names, their locations and other crucial information that will help in tracing them.

But anything starts small; We could make it even bigger with time, so I totally agree with you.

Lee Hung

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