Video graphics error Directx drivers

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I had a very great time playing my favorite games on my PC when this error code stopped me “Unable to initialize DirectX drivers. It is most probably caused by a video or DirectX drivers which are outdated or not installed properly or insufficient video card capabilities.

Please note that the game requires #D-accelerated video card with 8 MB or more video RAM and properly installed video drivers (most recent version) and DirectX 8.0 or higher to launch. ” My Lenovo G460 laptop has NVIDIA GeForce 310M 512 MB graphics, 500 GB HDD Storage, 4 GB DDR3 memory and Core i5-520m processor.

Is there a problem with my computer specifications? Or is it the application drivers that caused the problem? I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

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Video graphics error Directx drivers


As the error message states, it looks like either there's something wrong with your Video Card driver or with DirectX. You can try these two solutions:

  1. Update your DirectX; Install the latest DirectX available on Windows website. Download it and install it. The error message says at least DirectX 8.0, so you should look for at least something higher.
  2. Update your Video Card driver. Now either go to the site of your Video Card's Manufacturer, in this case NVIDIA, and download the latest driver for your model or go to My Computer/Computer in your system, right click it and choose Manage then go to Device Manager and look for Display Adapters and look for your Video Card there. Right click it and choose to the Update Driver Software. 

Follow the preceding instructions, and make sure you connect to the internet to let it find the driver over the internet.

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Video graphics error Directx drivers


To check your system information and to solve the problem you can take these steps:

Go to START MENU and click on RUN

Now here, you have to type DXDIAG. This will open a new window and you will be shown many options here. You have to check for DISPLAY; go to that and here you can see your DX. If it is of a lower version then, you can install a new one from the web or you can just check if your video is working fine. 

Hope this will help. You can also change your VGA card for better performance.

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Video graphics error Directx drivers



Having a trouble like this may very in any type of problem. We just cannot say that the problem can only be appointed directly. It takes time to analyze on what went wrong and what the problem that causes the laptop or desktop disabling the DirectX that you have been installing previously.

It can also depend on the situation on how you use the PC before it broke. We all know that we have different kind of way or ideas in solving the problem. Working as a technician is a very serious and needs time to fix the problem or finding a solution just to enhance the customer’s and to certify them with the cost they paid.

As far as I know, being a normal individual with no knowledge and background related to technical problem cannot easily solve by themselves. That problem for now is the rule of a technician.

This solution is based in RESEARCH, EXPERIENCED and based KNOWLEDGE….

First easy step is:

  • If you wonder that the problem is in the hardware, just remove the Memory on it and the Video Card. Be advised that this hardware is a very sensitive part, a very good careful is a must. Now, clean the PINS of the memory and video card. In cleaning this part and removing it will reset the pin slots on a motherboard. In other word “refresh”. After it’s done, return it to the slot where you remove the parts.

(This step is also used: IF “the PC will RESET or Turn OFF automatically without notification of the user and blue screen appearance of the monitor”)

Second step:

  • The Direct X is very important software of a PC game. It runs in the background and greatly speeds up your computer's handling of audio and visual content. You'll rarely (if ever) have to think about it unless you need to know your system specs, if it’s a high-end, then it's better. Some newly released games today are indeed needed a direct x to run. Thus some of it will be corrupted by any bug or viruses.

Try some of these steps that might solve the problem.

  1. Uninstalling the file of Direct X that has been corrupted:
  2. Go to “START Menu” located below the side of a Screen.
  3. Ones it pop-out: chose the “COMPUTER” then click it. This will automatically open.
  4. You will see the Location of the Drive/Data C: and Drive/Data D:
  5. Click the Drive/Data C:
  6. One’s you’re inside the Drive: Please chose “PROGRAM FILES”, this is where all the Data of software are installed.
  7. Find the file “DIRECT X” and DELETE it.
  8. RE INSTALL Direct X uses this link & don’t forget to click the DOWNLOAD site located on its side. (This site is the latest version of direct x.)
  9. If the installer pops out: Please click the “RUN” setup Button.

I hope that this step will help you. Continue your journey of Games….

Third Step:

  • If there’s any problem occurred in software again REINSTALL it directly, using your previous download of Latest Version of Direct X. No hustle because, it will just replace the corrupted file on its data. Or you can use the Direct X Diagnostic Tool located at the "START" menu button. Click the RUN setup and type "DXDIAG" and you will find steps on how to run the tool.

Hope this conclusion will help.

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