Video Clipping issues on Nvidia

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Whenever I am playing a game and a cut scene appears, a weird clipping occurs. This is very irritating and it is as if it cannot be avoided. It also happens during the game but it is not as frequent. Even worse, it happens in all games I try. I have an Nvidia GTX 770 graphics card. I need help with this video clipping issues.

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Video Clipping issues on Nvidia



To solve your video clipping issues from “Nvidia GTX 770 graphics card”, you have to follow these following steps:

·         Firstly, check your advanced graphics options in to your system.

·         After that, enable it to the “Auto synchronizes” option.

·         Then, enable it to “Triple buffering”.

·          After that, load it in your full screen.

Hope this answer will help you a lot.

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Video Clipping issues on Nvidia


Check the current resolution of your screen. If it is set to the highest level, try to lower down the setting. Some of the issues on video lagging are caused by the screen size used. Your NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 is a fast graphics adapter with 2 GB video RAM. I think with that, you can play games very smoothly.

If you have a nice video card, check your physical RAM. If the game you are playing is heavy on the graphics, your physical RAM should be above the minimum requirements of the game. Your processor should also be fast enough to handle the game you are playing. The smoothness of the game is always the result of the cooperation of the processor, the memory, and the graphics adapter.

Just don’t forget to reduce your screen size. Because even if you have a great graphics adapter, setting your screen resolution to the highest will put a big strain on the video card because it needs to process and display very small pixels.

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