Using Maxtor External HDD, only one part is full of errors

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I am currently checking for any errors on my 200GB Maxtor External HDD. Currently it is showing as RAW. The HDD has been partitioned so that one part will contain my files and documents while the other part will be a spare. When the part where the files have been stored is checked, there is an error message which states that it cannot continue checking the disk.

When the other part is checked, there were no bad sectors detected, and I did not get any error message at all. Now I am confused and now I am stuck with an unstable HDD as of the moment. Please help.


An error has occurred and it is not possible to continue execution .

The program will now terminate. The error message was

Thread Fault Monitor Thread.

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Using Maxtor External HDD, only one part is full of errors


I think the application had stopped because it encountered a severe damage in the surface of the disk where it is not possible to continue anymore and the last option of the program after encountering this error was to stop. If the drive was partitioned into 2 drives, it is possible that the partition where you put all of your files was still not formatted before you decided to put the files.

Try recovering all of your files by copying them into your computer’s local hard drive if it’s still possible. After that, delete the partition and then create a new one afterwards. After creating the new partition, format it then check it again using your disk utility application to make sure that it doesn’t contain anymore bad sectors in it.

After verifying that the drive is already ok, you can copy the files again back to it.

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